David Plays Schubert on Death, 2015, oil on linen 26 x 26 cms

David Plays Schubert on Death, 2015, oil on linen, 26 x 26 cms

I paint to  deepen my understanding of nature, human nature and the cycles of life and death, and hope the works I make will enable others to also re-experience these and other things afresh, renewing their spirit through discoveries in looking.

I  grew up in London and New York, then studied Fine Art at St Martin’s and the Slade
in the 80s and early 90s, with Susan Hiller, Ron Bowen, Jeffrey Camp, and Jock McFadyen as my
tutors. During this period I made the first of two residencies in Pakistan, drawing the sacred and
traditional architecture of Lahore. At the Slade, I worked largely in painting, drawing, and filmmaking, to explore the relationship between the individual and the surrounding spaces. I also found several opportunities to collaborate with other artists .

In the 90s, I lived four years in Paris, learning from the people and art collections, and painting modified interior scenes which were highly emotionally charged. I was offered two residencies at the Musée de Pont-Aven in Brittany, during the years I spent in Paris, and explored the light and space in larger format work. I also worked for one winter in the Jura, drawing the light of the snow, the cold, and the woods.

Since retuning to Britain, I have worked across various media including painting, drawing, animation, and miniature installations. I have particiapated in numerous exhibitions, and travelled for a Triangle Arts residency to Karachi, Pakistan, where I explored the way people lived in the city, and created a group exhibition in the VM Art Gallery, Karachi.

I have lived and worked in Cambridge, UK since 2008, and have work in various private collections.

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