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Self Portrait series, 2012



I spent sixty consecutive nights drawing the reflection of my own face under a fluorescent bulb. The emotions that my face revealed came and went with the passing of time, and I was able to separate myself from the emotion that I inhabited and see it as something which belonged neither to me nor to anyone else, but just was, and could be inhabited, or inhabit us, for a time and then pass on. I also became more aware of how concentration and presence, sustained over a time, created the work in a deeper way than any conscious intention could do.

The 20 images which resulted from this study were exhibited in Turning In, at Murray Edwards College




Digitally animated paintings

Detail from "Congregation", digital animation 2012

Detail from “Congregation”,
digital animation 2012

Although I currently work only in painting and drawing, I have previously used drawings and paintings in animation to explore change through time.  Two short pieces can be viewed on the Vimeo website, following the links below.

 “One Body” was a contemplation of the Christian communion “…though we are many we are one body, as we all share in one bread.” It was made with the participation of the congregation of St Benet’s Church Cambridge, in 2011.

“Through a Glass, Darkly” dates from 2003. It looks at a young woman, turning in circles, pondering her own relationship with herself and with motherhood.