Stubbin’ Peak

In the shifting mists of Stubbin’ Peak, wandered artists, half blinded by the weather. Stumbling into one another, they swapped bags, found hope in this confusion, and began to cleave paths through the scumbled undergrowth. The paths were sometimes circular, sometimes dead ends, and often invisible.

Over time, these came to describe their actions and hesitations, and have come to form a map of the territory. Repeated patterns have become like highways, clearings have formed where they pause to swap bags, notes, thoughts for the next leg. Occasionally they sit to eat cheese, and seem to be in equilibrium for a moment before the next bout of give and take.

Their work has formed a library of ideas, mostly documented in small films, drawings and collage. Each meeting, they unpack and develop one, using projection and shadows onto multiple surfaces. As ideas are jostled about in the mobile library, they become inflected with the other’s thoughts, so that the outcomes are like gates, an idea first mounted and hinged and then offset by the passage of others.


more information, and current imagery from Stubbin’ Peak can be found on our website:

These drawings have emerged through a process of working with my friend and fellow artist Andrew James. They are part of a collaborative research into gestures and communication, which we are currently developing into projected pieces for public display.

Ink on giclee print
50 x 50cm, 2017

Domine 2
Chinese Ink on Indian Paper,
104 x 73 cms, 2017

Larger than Life
Chinese Ink and Photographs, 2017
73 x 45 cm

Magical Thinking
Chinese Ink and Photographs, 2017

Boundary Issues
Chinese Ink and Photographs on Indian Paper, 2017

Looking In,
Ink on giclee print,