man hiding behind sofa, 2017
ink and collage on paper

Coop is developing new work around non-verbal gesture, including hesitations, anxieties, desires and responses. Works are often site-specific, and may take the form of projection onto partially drawn or painted surfaces. Coop exhibited “Truce” in the Camberwell Arts Festival, in June 2018, “U turn” at Martyr’s Gallery, Lewes, in September 2018, and are preparing “what is lost” for the Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, in November 2018.

Coop is myself and colleague, Andrew James, working together since 2016, but with a history of previous collaboration.

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These drawings are part of a collaborative research into gestures and communication, which we are currently developing into projected pieces with drawn interventions to frame and disrupt them.

Ink on giclee print
50 x 50cm, 2017

Domine 2
Chinese Ink on Indian Paper,
104 x 73 cms, 2017

Magical Thinking
Chinese Ink and Photographs, 2017

Looking In,
Ink on giclee print,