women who measure

Over the last year and a half, I have been working with a friend and colleague, Andrew James, as a collaboration, under the name of ” coop”. Our practice is a contrast to my own slow solitary pursuit of questions around space, but there are huge areas of overlapping interest between us.

A series of one day projects, ”Slipping Now”, used paper, cardboard and drawing to both destabilise and enrich the tangible surfaces across which an animation moves. Staged human actions, e.g.: an arm with hand pulling, sometimes doubled with itself or another person, combine with drawn or suggested layers that each change and develop the meaning of the actions in some way.

Coop’s first public exhibition, in June 2018, was the site-specific “Truce” in a rehearsal space, as part of the Camberwell Arts Festival. Paired feet walked in fixed patterns over a surface, butting into and walking through one another, with intrinsic awkwardness. This projection onto lining paper hung over a temporary construction. A drawn, plinth-like form shifted and partly dissolved as the images it was composed of moved over the surface. We are currently preparing work for an exhibition “what is lost” to be held in the Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge in November 2018.


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These drawings have emerged through a process of working with my friend and fellow artist Andrew James. They are part of a collaborative research into gestures and communication, which we are currently developing into projected pieces for public display.

Ink on giclee print
50 x 50cm, 2017

Domine 2
Chinese Ink on Indian Paper,
104 x 73 cms, 2017

Larger than Life
Chinese Ink and Photographs, 2017
73 x 45 cm

Magical Thinking
Chinese Ink and Photographs, 2017

Boundary Issues
Chinese Ink and Photographs on Indian Paper, 2017

Looking In,
Ink on giclee print,