Turning In: Contemplations on Mortality

number 18 in the series

Chalk pastel from the self-portraits series, 2012

Exhibition at New Hall Art Collection,  Cambridge, CB3 0DF

23 December 2013-18 January 2014

This exhibition came about following a series of 60 nights of self-examination. I was trying to work out, after the birth of my children, where I was in myself. The 20 ‘self-portraits’ became portraits of feelings rather than self. In the wake of my own father’s death, I found myself staring at my own mortality. Watching my face for an hour each night, by the light of a harsh fluorescent bulb, I learnt to distinguish between the apparent emotion and the longer-term inner state that it evinced.

The second half of the exhibition continued this exploration of representing what is not readily visible. All the works, including still lives and images of people, explored time’s passing, sombrely or lightly depending on the mood of the participants.  In coming to terms with the loss of my father, I found myself drawn to the tradition of the memento mori. The images reflected my interest in, and experience of, thresholds between worlds.

Homunculus, 2013, oil on canvas, 118 x 118 cm

Homunculus, 2013, oil on canvas, 118 x 118 cms

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