On Boundaries and Exclusion

Draw, print, paint, walk and perform

Broken Christ, 2020, collage and drypoint, 120 x 76 cm

Etchings, paintings and collage from AA2A residency at Anglia Ruskin University, 2019-2020

Still from “Trubba” rehearsing at Cambridge Junction, February 2020

Images from Trubba’s walk to Canterbury, February 2020.

Some of the “Trubba” puppets rehearsing, 2020

This painting is from a set that use edges, margins and framing devices, to imply multiple times and viewpoints.

2 thoughts on “On Boundaries and Exclusion

  1. Markus Gasser

    Dear Clio
    I have just received your picture – it gives me great pleasure. The wonderful colours, the peace, the good atmosphere! Many thanks and warm greetings from Zurich


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