nervous rocks

Coop (myself and colleague, Andrew James) work on the issues arising from creative collaboration.

Currently, we are developing collaborative performance of image-making. We jointly form a projected image within tight time constraints in front of an audience. Our dialogue around this collaboration is composed , like the collaged imagery, of scraps of recorded sound, as well as our present-moment commentary.

Coop’s working practices and subject matter have grown directly from the constraints of their context, and subsequent patterns of and tensions within collaboration. The work initiated from a principle of exchange, and has subsequently evolved into an attempt at co-production. Divergences emerge, and the cracks and gaps in the idea to grow to the point of threatening any overall meaning. We look at our failing, seeking forgiveness and starting off again head on, and see it as a metaphor for the larger societal issues of coming to any sort of shared living or agreement.

The process of recording, refining and presenting the gaps themselves, and our attempts to bridge them, are images of the paradoxical human flows of attraction and repulsion from the full force of the other’s presence. Our needs seek a response, and our perception of that response is unstable. Not grasping the other’s meaning, layers of fantasy develop in its place, some poetic, some useful, some destructive.

Coop have been working together since 2016,  with a history of previous collaboration. Works are often site-specific, and may take the form of projection onto partially drawn or painted surfaces. Coop exhibited “Truce” in the Camberwell Arts Festival, in June 2018, “U turn” at Martyr’s Gallery, Lewes, in September 2018, and “what is lost” for the Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, in November 2018.

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Coop offers an image and debate around collaboration and its pitfalls, which we hope will spark and support discussion, both interior and exterior, of human communication.

These drawings are part of a collaborative research into gestures and communication, which subsequently develop into projected pieces with layered interventions to frame and disrupt them.

Ink on giclee print
50 x 50cm, 2017

Domine 2
Chinese Ink on Indian Paper,
104 x 73 cms, 2017

Magical Thinking
Chinese Ink and Photographs, 2017

Looking In,
Ink on giclee print,