Moving Image

This film, late 2020, mixes isolation with physical energy, and sound

This short film, made during Covid-19 lockdown, reflects how conflict fundamentally shifts our worlds.

This documents my perception of “Vanitas“, a 30 minute performance made in collaboration with Andrew James for the 2019 ArtLicks “interdependence” festival.

This work was made in collaboration with movement artist, Jessica Lerner, and shown at Safehouse 1 in Peckham in 2019, with the Dorothy Sharp project.

This short film uses the reflections in the dusty mirror to create a surface, across which the body draws its own space. It was shown in “Permeable Spaces”, at the ARB in Cambridge in 2019.

“Through a Glass, Darkly”, 2003,  ponders a young woman’s relationship with herself and with motherhood.

“One Body” is a contemplation of the Christian communion. It was made with the participation of the congregation of St Benet’s Church Cambridge, in 2011.